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Articles from blogs I follow around the net

Labelling tips and tricks for QGIS

It has been said that making a map is 80% labelling, and 20% everything else. Okay, I just made that up, but if you've spent any time at all using GIS software you'll see the truth in this. Sometimes I end up spending far too much time on labelling, but t...

via Stats, Maps n Pix 2022-06-30


Conciseness is often considered a virtue among hackers and software engineers. FOSS maintainers in particular generally prefer to keep bug reports, questions on mailing lists, discussions in IRC channels, and so on, close to the point and with minimal faf...

via Drew DeVault's blog 2022-07-26

Day 45: old station

I didn’t get hit by a branch in the night but I didn’t sleep at all. I don’t know why I’m getting so agitated and struggling at night time. I wonder if it’s because I am craving non walking leisure time so the only time I get that is when I lie down. I t...

via Rambling Red 2022-07-27

The point of a dashboard isn't to use a dashboard

Every so often, an employer asks me to help make a dashboard. Usually, this causes technologists to roll their eyes. They have a vision of a CEO grandly staring at a giant projection screen, watching the pretty graphs go up and down, and making real-tim...

via Terence Eden’s Blog 2022-08-06