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2022 update

I’ve written a lot about quitting – the eternal regret of quitting too soon, the broken bone remnants of not quitting when I should have. Today, I am writing because I have experienced a new type of quitting, although it’s a familiar agony: I have quit m...

via Rambling Red 2022-03-05

How to import a Wikipedia table directly into Excel or Google Sheets in only a few seconds

A slightly different kind of tutorial today in that it involves no maps and instead is about how to get a data table from Wikipedia - or other websites - into Excel or Google sheets without any pain at all, and without messy copying and pasting. First I'l...

via Stats, Maps n Pix 2022-04-24

Announcing the Hare programming language

The “secret programming language” I have been teasing for several months now is finally here! It is called Hare, and you can read about it on the Hare blog: Check it out!

via Drew DeVault's blog 2022-04-25

How should user comments be marked up in HTML5?

This is quite the epitome of yak-shaving! Suppose you have an article written in HTML. The basic layout might be something like: <body> <main> <article> The content of your article ... Pretty standard. No...

via Terence Eden’s Blog 2022-05-04