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2022 update

I’ve written a lot about quitting – the eternal regret of quitting too soon, the broken bone remnants of not quitting when I should have. Today, I am writing because I have experienced a new type of quitting, although it’s a familiar agony: I have quit m...

via Rambling Red 2022-03-05

Let's play Urble!

Today I'm letting Urble out into the wild. It's a little geography game in which a new city (displayed as a small square) appears every 5 seconds until there are 10 dots on screen (example below). The aim of Urble is to guess the country before the countr...

via Stats, Maps n Pix 2022-05-30

Introducing the Himitsu keyring & password manager for Unix

Himitsu is a new approach to storing secret information on Unix systems, such as passwords or private keys, and I released version 0.1 this morning. It’s available on Alpine Linux community and the Arch User Repository, with more distributions hopefully o...

via Drew DeVault's blog 2022-06-20

Book Review: Shakespeare and Immigration - Espinosa & Ruiter

This is selection of essays looking - as the title suggests - at the relationship between Shakespeare and immigration. It's always worth re-examining our relationship with "classic" works. There are some very obvious immigration issues in Shakespeare - ...

via Terence Eden’s Blog 2022-06-20