This morning we were told that the prime minister had resigned, and soon afterwards I saw that he had been appointed in some presidential position.

I was in a lecture and there was a power cut. It happens occasionally, and usually the power comes back on after ten or twenty minutes, except this time it didn’t. The lecturer had to use the blackboard instead of the projector.

On my way out of class the lobby of the Valikhanov building was dark, all the lights were out. I’ve got a class this evening and someone asked me whether it was cancelled due to the power outage. I guess I’ll turn up this evening and see.

Walking home the traffic lights were off, an electric display on a shop was blank, the staff of the bank down the road were huddled in a little group around the door. I asked a friend what was going on and he said the whole city had no power. When will it come back? He didn’t know.

I took advantage of the situation to buy a discount ice-cream at a shop down the road. I’m sitting here enjoying it as it’s slowly melting.

I charged up my netbook this morning so I’m writing this on a nearly full battery, 7 hours left. I’ll add links and publish this when Brennan gets back, if the power is back by then.

UPDATE: The power is back now, in total the whole blackout lasted around 3 hours.