While I was away, we got an email from the office of student affairs saying we could move into the dormitory when we get back. I went to the office yesterday, they gave me a piece of paper for the hotel to sign saying our room was left in an acceptable condition. They directed me to an office in the campus dormitory where I was given an invoice for around 30,000 Tenge, and told that as soon as it’s paid I’ll get my key, and I should move in today.

I’m stuck, I left my passport at the visa office, a requirement three days after leaving and entering the country. I need the passport to get money at the bank to pay the dormitory office. I also need to hand in my hotel key before picking up my new dorm key, so I need to move my stuff in one go, I can’t make multiple trips back and forth.

the room, before leaving

I’ve just come back from travelling and I’ve got a bag full of dirty clothes, it takes about an hour to wash and half a day to dry. I’m slowly running out of clean clothes, and don’t have much food left.

I went to the evening class yesterday and I shouldn’t have done because I had very little sleep on the train and was having difficulty keeping awake. There’s an essay due in today which was moved to thursday, I need at least half a day of relative stability and access to the source text in order to get it written.

To top it all off, I grew an impressive beard while I was away and cut myself while shaving it. I’m tired, hungry, stinky, and I have got little bleeding splotches on my face.