I’ve got a vague plan that when I get back to the UK I will build my own computer. At the moment I am using a netbook, and I like my netbook. I’ve had it for a year now, it does exactly what I need, it’s small, cheap, and rugged.

However I’m still frustrated by its limitations: the screen is tiny and the keyboard is cramped, and despite the decent processor and fast solid-state disk, it can be frustrating to use. Most of the time it feels snappy, programs open almost instantly, it works. That’s all until the moment you’ve got fifteen tabs open on Firefox, an essay open on LibreOffice and music playing on VLC in the background. That’s when it starts to lag and stutter, and you can feel the little thing struggling.

I’ve got money in the bank to pay for a new computer. Admittedly, this money isn’t mine, technically it’s debt. At some point I have to pay back my maintainance loan to the Student Loans Company, however for the moment I have money to spend, and my current trip to Kazakhstan is already paid for by the work I did over summer. The total cost I’ve written up is £615, I imagine it could float up to £650 with shipping costs and other extras.

I may never build this thing, it’s just a really well-detailed fantasy I’ve been entertaining:

Extra stuff: Already have a mouse. Already have speakers. I’d like to get a really comfortable ergonomic keyboard, but don’t want to spend more than about £20 on it. Also possibly a mouse mat.

There’s a tendency to get locked into AMD-related hardware, you end up buying into a family of components. I’m aware of this, and I don’t like it, but the alternative is to risk incompatible hardware, so I choose the safer option. I’m planning to install Debian on the SSD, try it out, and I can always return to Ubuntu as a fallback option.

I might need some floor protection for my office chair. I think that’s it, is there anything I missed?