Yesterday I spent the day walking in the Alma-arasan mountains with Lyndon. I pushed for us to go up a bit too far, and in the end we were too late coming down, I was worried that we wouldn’t make it back before it got dark. Thankfully we were on the road and in the valley by the time night fell completely, so it wasn’t too bad. We missed the last bus and had to hitch a ride back down to the city. Lyndon later said he genuinely thought we would be stranded up in the mountains, and maybe he was right.

While we were walking, Lyndon was telling me about his national service in Singapore. He said it was a fantastic experience: for two years he got free meals, free uniform, free lodging, and the army paid him a stipend. They staged exciting training exercises, he learned things, earned money, and he enjoyed it. Then he said that when it comes to university, he gets no free lodging, no free meals, he has to pay 10,700 Singapore dollars per year (around £5,500) in tuition fees.

He enjoys university too, but you see where the priorities are.