is closing down, or it’s changing to the point where it’ll no longer exist as the main statusnet instance. What this means for me is that my dents will disappear, and I’ll probably lose touch with the cool little community which congregated around that website.

Obviously people are upset, and throughout the ensuing debate there have been arguments cropping up along the lines of ‘host your own instance’ or ‘just use the API to post instead’. I appreciate the DIY culture, but the freedom to go run your own server shouldn’t be a condition for participation. I tried installing on my Raspberry Pi board. There are all sorts of dependencies (NodeJS) which you can’t just easily fetch from the Raspbian repo, they need to be built independently, and in the end I found it too difficult. A bunch of errors came up in the terminal, and I gave up.

When this is the barrier to participation in federated social networks, you lose people, to the point where the only people left are either existing OStatus developers or people who are already seasoned sysadmins. The unfortunate result is that I’ve reluctantly gone back to twitter as my main social network.