Here’s the eastern sea.

eastern_sea beach_statue

Also known as the Baltic sea, even if this bit technically isn’t in the Baltics.

There used to be a train line to Zingst, but there isn’t anymore. One of the carriages had a washing line attached to it so I think there’s people living in it. It’s cool to live in a train carriage, but it also looked like they weren’t living in there by choice.


Here’s Barth.


In the centre of this small town there’s a square with an inscription. It reads:

Metal power surges. The farmers to serve, we form and forge the new machines.
Machines and tractors distribute giant tasks. Community will be born in the cooperative.
The Barth fishermen sweep back with a rich catch. They help our children with wealth and happiness.
The fishes want to give the boat a worthy journey. We create a better life, in socialist Barth.

The town also has a port.


It’s a small town with all the houses squashed together. Sturdy dwellings made of stone in between windy cobbled streets. The sailors wear caps and have thick beards. There’s a factory outside the old walls, it looks like it’s kept this place alive.

Here are the various bridges which connect Rügen to the mainland.


I’m crossing these again tomorrow.

I’ve got some ‘cyclist fuel’.


This is an (East) German variety of cola made in Thuringia, originally developed as an alternative to Coca-Cola. It tastes alright too.