Before leaving on Wednesday I visited the military museum and the ethnographic museum in Chișinău. The military museum took an odd approach to history; in their national consciousness they are ashamed or at least aggrieved to have been invaded by so many countries, yet they proudly claim participation in the wars of their conquerors. For example, under Ottoman rule their soldiers fought bravely and won many medals. Under Russian rule they did the same, and the question of who or what they were fighting for seems to have been swept aside.

The ethnography museum is a mix of natural history and ancient cultural heritage. The ground floor is a standard dusty museum with glass cases filled with stuffed animals, then you take a staircase into the basement which has been been redesigned to give a ‘prehistoric experience’: landscapes painted onto the walls, rocks jutting out in the corridor, dino skeletons, it’s all very modern and family friendly. As with the history museum, the building itself is reason enough to visit on its own, the roof/ceiling in particular is beautifully decorated.

After that I went down to the Valea Morilor lake, sat in the shade for a bit, drinking some Moldovan fanta and writing this.


My interview with the communist party representative fell though, so with nothing to write up I made my way back to the hostel. It was raining so I poked inside the Sun City complex to get dry. I got a burger for dinner.