First post on this new blog. I’m reading the latest run of Deadpool and really getting into it. These panels are from one of the more serious bits in issue 15:


I’m currently on issue 21, but I’ve already read ahead a couple of issues so I’m just filling in the gaps. Deadpool is fun to read, even when you know in advance how everything ends up. Not sure if I’ve actually finished the series before, I guess it’ll be a surprise when I get there.

I’ve written a small archive page, hopefully it doesn’t slow down site generation on my end. There’s a lot to say over why I’m using a static site and how I got here, but that’s for another time. For the moment it’s enough that it works and I can write stuff here.

Tomorrow I’m going back to the campus to work out civilian death ratios in various wars. It’s grim. That said, this weekend has been exhausting and I’m actually looking forward to lounging around in the library.