My headphones are rapidly deteriorating. Before going away only the right speaker worked, and now after being scrunched up and stuffed in my bag the sound occasionally cuts out when the cable bends in a certain way. Sometimes the noise comes out hissing and crackling, like ghostly moans from a badly-tuned radio. Sometimes it comes out like the contented burbling of some stoned goldfish, wahwawayyooow bbrrrlllvvveeeeww wuwwhwawa. Basically they’re borked.

So I’ve been thinking about replacing them. My first consideration was to make them myself. I could gut the ear cases from my current headphones, glue in new speakers from ebay/maplin, then solder them to separate left/right cables, and connect both of those to a 3.5mm jack on the end, it doesn’t seem too difficult.


Or I buy some Bluetooth headphones, maybe these. They don’t look as sturdy as I’d like, but they still fold up, and at £22 they’re within my price range. Hm. I can live without music or sound for the moment though, it’ll wait.