Cycled out to see the 7 Sisters yesterday. Again, here’s an outline of the route:


I set out on my bike along the coastal path, which I’m pretty familiar with by this point. Was well prepared for the cold wind, swaddled in a cycling jacket, neoprene jacket, jumper, shirt, under-shirt, gloves. Then the hot sun came up and I had to take it all off and stuff it in my bag.

Stuck to the cliffs through Peacehaven, avoided the roads through town, cycled past all these white houses looking out over the sea. They’re built for retired couples to sit out on their veranda and watch the ships go by.


Nice, but it’s not wise to build so close to the edge, I’d be worried that in a few decades those houses will be in the sea. Still, I guess the old folks don’t care what happens in a few decades.


The cliffs might look stable, but they’re really not, here’s a crack near the edge of the path.


Underneath that crack is the abyss, and if you step on it, it might crumble. I wasn’t going to test it.

Then I went back onto the seaside path, which went all the way to the edge of Peacehaven. Unfortunately, it stops there and the only way back up is this flight of stairs carved into the rock.


Had to lug my bike all the way to the top. Oof.

The path gradually deteriorated and I turned off before Newhaven fort. More little boxes on the hillside.


Left my bike in Seaford, met another guy (fellow geopolitics student), we walked up to the cliffs above the town.


And carried on walking till we hit the Seven Sisters. Whey.


Then I left my friend at Seaford, retraced my journey back to Newhaven. The big co-op store in Newhaven shut down last week, joining the boarded up pub and the vacant shopfronts scattered around the centre. Someone’s scrawled ‘bye bye co-op’ on the wall opposite the empty store.

I went up the cycle track running along the Ouse river connecting Newhaven to Lewes. You can see a little documentary about the Ouse track project here. As it happens the track is only really half-finished, the paved part gives way to wet fields, then styles and more obstacles towards Lewes. I made slow progress.

It was getting late by this point so I stopped only briefly in Lewes, then went straight on to Falmer. It was dark by the time I arrived at university. Bought some chocolate from the co-op on campus to keep up sugar levels, went to a meeting, then trundled wearily back home.