Am writing an essay in the economics of global finance, am writing about theories of capital accumulation. And as a result I’ve sought out and crashed hard into ideas which try to really engage with ‘new’ forms of accumulation. I’m already on record as a fanboy of the ‘knowledge economy/information society’. Post-capitalism, Bitcoin, the cyber-proletariat, the Manifesto for New Times, Occupy.

Earlier this afternoon I saw a documentary by Stuart Hall. It starts out well, asking all the right questions, and pretty adequately explains the track I’m following in my essay.

After that it segues into a critique of really-existing socialism, which on its own isn’t helpful, but it functions really well as an explainer for the left’s response to neo-liberalism. The documentary was made in 1983, so it sits at this point where it can trace the defining movements of that decade well before they come to fruition in 1989. We see the tendencies which led to Perestroika and Eurocommunism, about a decade before Hall’s friends all joined the New Labour project. The left’s ideas around capitalism are placed in their proper historical context, without the hindsight of the lived experiences of Blair’s rule.