It’s hot. The weather’s consistently hitting temperatures over 20°C.

Once I saw my bank manager walking through town after work. It was a sunny day, he had taken off his smart leather shoes and changed into shorts and sandals. On that day I saw my bank manager in a totally different light. You see, Owen Smith looks a lot like a bank manager, but despite his claims to be a normal person, I’ve never seen him appear in anything other than a formal suit.

Owen Smith is a professional politician; he dresses, talks, and acts, like a professional politician. And that would be fine if he wasn’t trying to compare with Jeremy Corbyn, who occasionally gets spotted unexpectedly acting like an ordinary member of the public. Corbyn goes out cycling in a baggy tracksuit, he takes bus home after work, he used to wear a knitted jumper his mother made for him, he gets caught without a seat on a busy train, his snapchat shows him eating a takeaway out of a polystyrene box.

Try to imagine Owen Smith wandering around town in shorts and a t-shirt. Owen Smith lying across the sofa watching a film on a friday night. Owen Smith waiting in the queue at TESCOs to buy some pasta for dinner. He’s not going to be accepted as a real personality until we get to see him out of uniform.