I’ve worn an F-91W Casio watch for a while. I can’t remember exactly when I got it, my brother has the same one.

Always intended to try modding it, but was too scared of breaking it in the process. Then, about a month ago the rubber-plastic strap broke.

Perfect, I don’t have to worry about breaking it because it’s already broken, so I filed it away in a box and made a mental note to fix it at some point.

A whole new watch would have cost ~£8, meanwhile the cost of a new strap was £5. Okay, that’s a justfiable cost.

I bent the metal bar a little when cutting the rest of the strap off from the watch module. The strap was also extremely fiddly to thread through… otherwise it was very simple. People online recommend filing down the plastic above the metal bar. I echo that recommendation, although wasn’t able to do it myself as I didn’t have any sandpaper to hand.

I used to have a watch with a leather strap, and I know it used to get stinky sometimes (from wrist-sweat?)

This strap is made of a kind of plasticy fabric, I’m not sure how absorbant it is yet.

watch strap

Check out my unflatteringly hairy wrist.

watch strap

In terms of other things I’ve been doing this week, I visited the University of Birmingham.

Birmingham University

I’ve also decided to use the following imagemagick command to compress large images.

mogrify -strip -resize 1366x1366\> -quality 78 *.jpg

Did you notice this post loading slghtly faster?