I came across the documentary/video essay ‘arcadia’ on the iPlayer, and here are some sections which I’ve cut out, cropped and subtitled.

That section makes use of footage from the 1975 film ‘Winstanley’ - and sets the montage to what sounds like a mangled and slowed-down synth version of Jerusalem. The voiceover really summarises my approach to rural gentrification:

What is this land? For those with an image of the countryside as being somehow related to Merrie England, the presence of those who are impoverished and underpriviledged is a real threat.

In the second clip, I like how they’ve counterposed rock concerts with images of protest. As if they’re two forms of mass expression connected by some common lineage. Then the voiceover comes on and seems to address the audience directly - “it was built in struggle.”

Don’t watch the rest of the film. The rest of it is… really weird and a bit messed up.