There’s been a lot of building work going on lately around campus. The library store adjacent to my halls was demolished.

Here’s a view from our kitchen window.

This library store has special meaning for me, I’ve learned that in some address systems this area is listed as ‘Library Store, University of Leicester’ - not ‘Block B, Nixon Court.’ I live at the library store, and the library store exists no more.

The university used to have a bookshop in the Charles Wilson building. I think the area is now a food hall.

old bookshop

The bookshop was moved into the new library building, although before I arrived it was removed and turned over to a ‘digital reading room.’ The university doesn’t have a library store, or a bookshop. Students read e-books now, don’t they?

Freemen’s Common got the same treatment.

I remember walking through there on my way to lectures last year, and now there’s nothing left but rubble and dirt. There used to be a pub nearby called the ‘dry dock’, it was in the shape of a boat, it’s also been knocked down.

June is research month, people are out conducting fieldwork in exotic locations. There are conferences. The undergraduates are home for the summer, there are no more meetings or activities on campus.

I feel the emptiness of the student halls. A ‘moving out’ checklist has been put up in our kitchen, and the cleaners have been round, making sure the place is ready for the next bunch of students. They’re throwing out the old chairs.


Meanwhile, I can’t move into my next apartment yet, so I have to go back to Oxford. It’s probably a good time to go back.