As an aside to my talk on intersectionality. Here are Ellen Meiksins Wood’s proposals on the working class:

  1. The working class is the social group with the most direct objective interest in bringing about the transition to socialism.
  2. The working class, as the direct object of the most fundamental and determinative - though certainly not the only - form of oppression, and the one class whose interests do not rest on the oppression of other classes, can create the conditions for liberating all human beings in the struggle to liberate itself.
  3. Given the fundamental and ultimately unresolvable opposition between exploiting and exploited classes which lies at the heart of the structure of oppression, class struggle must be the principal motor of this emancipatory transformation.
  4. The working class is the one social force that has a strategic social power sufficient to permit its development into a revolutionary force.

From The Retreat from Class: a new “true” socialism. London: Verso, 1998. Pages 14-15.