I’ve finally completed the end-of-year dissertation for my MSc. Here I am with the final printed version, just before going to Leicester to hand it in.

Pierre with dissertation

A copy has been deposited at the library, and at some point I might order another print version for myself, in full colour, with all the fancy bindings. I’ve worked on it a bit more since handing it in, added some better maps, and a few more references.
Here’s one of the extra maps I included:

Prestwold map

Here is the pdf of the final dissertation, and I’ve uploaded a copy to Thesis Commons.

All of the project files are available to download as a zip file.
My file structure looks (approximately) like this:

├── preamble.tex
├── main.tex
├── chapters
│   ├── title_page.tex
│   ├── front_matter.tex
│   ├── introduction.tex
│   ├── methodology.tex
│   ├── literature_review.tex
│   ├── original_accumulation.tex
│   ├── cultural_gentrification.tex
│   ├── entrepreneurial_gentrification.tex
│   ├── conclusion.tex
│   └── end_matter.tex
├── extras
│   ├── ahnentafel.tex
│   ├── expenditure.dat
│   ├── expenditure_graph.tex
│   ├── prestwold_population.tex
│   ├── production_consumption_table.tex
│   └── records_office_files.tex
├── graphics
│   ├── charles_william_packe_painting.jpg
│   ├── leicestershire_map.pdf
│   ├── prestwold_engraving.jpg
│   ├── prestwold_map_1.pdf
│   ├── prestwold_map_2.pdf
│   ├── prestwold_map_3.pdf
│   └── uni_logo.pdf
└── prestwold_bibliography.bib

I haven’t removed my comments from the tex files, there are a few sections with suggestions for expansion, stray thoughts, questions, and ideas which didn’t make it into the final piece. There are also a couple more entries in the bibfile than ended up in the final bibliography; you can easily add an ‘uncited references’ section into the pdf by uncommenting the second printbibliography command in the end matter file.

If you’ve stumbled across this post and want to cite my work, please go ahead! Here’s a sample BibLaTeX entry, or BibTeX file:

	title = {Gentlemen, gentrification, and land-ownership in Leicestershire},
	pagetotal = {57},
	institution = {University of Leicester},
	type = {{MSc}},
	author = {Marshall, Pierre},
	date = {2019-09-25},
	langid = {british},
	doi = {10.31237/osf.io/2xu4c}

There is COinS metadata embedded in this post, it should be detected by Zotero.

zotero citation

So, I think that’s all there is; if you have any questions or comments, send me an email