I arrived at Birmingham airport, there were a group of rowdy lads on their way to a weekend break in Poland. They had already started drinking and some of them were on their way to ending up completely wasted before even reaching the departures lounge.

The airport at night has the feeling of those empty malls you find in the USA. A place which has been suspended, no longer properly alive, but not recognisably abandoned either. The lights are on, light music plays on a loop, security guards and cleaners shuffle around the shiny white check-in hall.

This suits me fine as I sat in Costa Coffee, dozily cycling through old emails. I lingered until around 4am, when the airport gradually woke up for the next day, security opened up, the departures lounge started getting crowded.

My flight was at 6:15, which is really awkward time to travel. It’s too early to get to the airport on the day if you want to go by train, so you have to travel the night before. And then you could book a room in an airport hotel… but (aside from being expensive), it doesn’t make sense to go out to a hotel if you’re still going to have to wake up super early anyway. So, you sleep on a bench in the airport, of course you do.

It’s the same story in reverse on the way back, I think my flight arrives after the last train leaves the airport for the day. I’m not really looking forward to spending another night in the terminal building.

I caught the sunrise as the plane was climbing through the morning mist.


We circled over Larnaca before landing. You can see the large salt lake, with pretty flamingoes sitting in it, although you can’t see them from the sky.

I’ll visit Larnaca old town tomorrow. For the moment, I’ve arrived, picked up all the documents for the week and politely said hello to most of the delegates here.


This is where I am now, and I’m looking forward to a very long sleep. 😴