I’ve gotten into drinking this super strong Cypriot coffee in the mornings.


In the morning, we visited the monument to four martyrs in Ayis Yiannis; an old member of AKEL talked in detail about the local history of the coup and (double) invasion in 1974. Around this area was one of the few spots on the island where an organised left-wing armed resistance was formed, although it did not hold out long. The way it was explained to us, the left at the time was caught between fascist violence from the Greek junta and the military threat of the Turkish army.


We briefly passed the offices of the ПЕО on the way out of Larnaca.


In the evening, we returned to the seafront, the weather was soft and kind of breezy, and we just meandered around the beach.


I walked a little way up from the beach to visit a church, along with another delegate from the UK.


The church crypt held the ‘tomb of Lazarus’, and there was a byzantine museum nearby. The decoration of the church was very ornate, but I wasn’t comfortable taking pictures.

We went straight from there to one of the AKEL party offices, there was food, music, and the mayor of Larnaca came along to greet us.