Last week I republished another old CPGB pamphlet on the Marxists Internet Archive. It’s called London Landmarks, a short document which gives brief descriptions of the places and events connected to Marx, Engels and Lenin in the city. It’s also available in plain text.

There are a couple of guides which cover these areas with specialist walking tours. Mike Pentelow gives a couple of good walks you can do yourself in this guidebook. I once went to interview Mike in Fitzrovia, he gave me an impromptu history tour himself.

There is an effort in Oxford to resurface these fragments of class history. People (in academia) tend to be quite dismissive of local history, but that misses how historical knowledge gives meaning to the landscape, it really does change the way you see the city.

It would be cool to make a pamphlet of ‘Leicester Landmarks’ - complete with little maps and explanations. I’ve added this to the bottom of my ever-growing list of interesting potential projects.