Yesterday, Black Mesa finally made it to a full release. I loaded up the new Xen chapter, picking up right where my last playthrough ended several years ago. Over the 15-year development cycle I’ve played the original, the original source mod, the early-access remake in beta, and now the final version 1.0 release.

As a project I’ve watched for the best part of a decade, of course I got an instinctive nostalgia kick out of jumping back into the game. If I ever have children (haha), the Half-Life series is the sort of thing I can imagine proudly handing down to the next generation as one of the defining cultural artefacts of my time.

Here’s the first minute and a half on Xen, it sent chills down my spine playing this.

I recorded it with the venerable Source demo recorder, the FFMpeg conversion script is here.

The game runs pretty well on my computer, as you’d expect for its age. Even if the Source engine has been updated and added to over time, it’s still a pretty ancient piece of software.

If only I had a VR headset and a beefy computer I could play Half-Life: Alyx at the end of the month.
It’s a good time to be a Half-Life fan ☺

Also, this week some friends from university organised a LAN party in their house. We played ARMA for hours, and I ended up really getting into it. It’s a very slow paced experience, which I found impossible to enjoy when I first played it on my own. Would definitely be up for doing this again once there’s another quiet period in the university schedule.