Since I moved into my own apartment, I’ve had to sort out my own internet connection. I went with BT, because they’re the national backbone network, and I wanted to get in on that new Superfast Fibre network. The BT fibre connection actually comes over a copper phone line; I felt a bit cheated when I realised it wasn’t actually fibre-to-the-home. Still, this means I’m properly connected to the telephone network now.

So, I decided to get a landline phone. BT sells this standard wired handset for £13. At the moment it’s just sitting on my desk, although I could mount it to a wall.


I had a go at dialling the BT talking clock.

It feels like using ancient analog technology. It’s a direct line, there’s no answering machine. If it rings and I’m at home, I’ll pick up. If I’m not around, I guess the phone keeps on ringing until the caller gives up.

Then again, I sometimes miss calls by leaving my mobile on silent, and just forgetting to check it. And, maybe there is some improvement in call quality on a wired connection?

At the moment, I’m not planning to use the landline for outgoing calls. BT pay-as-you-go calling charges are a bit high (20p a minute!). My mobile plan already gives me unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 2GB data for £8 per month.

We’ve come a long way from the days you used to wait to call friends on the home phone in order to avoid high mobile charges.