I’ve come back to Oxford, my parents and Matthieu are all home. As people have been sent back from their offices, what do their new home workplaces look like?

Matthieu brought over a spare monitor, here he is at his Corona Home Office.


Christine is sitting on a yoga mat, using an old Surface tablet propped up on a cushion.


Peter has a small table with dual monitors connected to one laptop.


I’ve got my three laptops, although only one of them is properly useful for ‘real’ work.


It’s pretty funny to see the odd colleague on a video call who obviously has some kind of fancy streaming setup; always a big giveaway when they already have a gamer chair, 4k webcam, microphone stand, and chunky studio headphones.

I’ve been looking to get hold of some decent video call equipment. All the mid-range Logitech webcams are out of stock on Amazon, and there were none on the shelves at Currys on the weekend.

Please, stop panic-buying webcams you monsters.