Yesterday Matthieu and me drove up to Leicester to clear out my apartment. It’s been unoccupied for about a month, I was concerned about mouldy food, unopened post, and bringing things like my desk PC back to Oxford.

I’ve got a space at the end of the kitchen for my computer, this is my new office now.


It’s not comfortable, though I’m happy to have my desktop back now.

I tried to sort out my bricked pi server but had left my laptop behind so had no way of editing the files on the microSD card. Whoops. I couldn’t fix it there, and there was no point bringing it back, so I disconnected it from power and left it at that.

For the moment I’m confident that my apartment has been ‘safely abandoned’, at least for another three weeks.


It felt exciting to venture out, the roads were quiet. The journey wasn’t risky, in the sense that we didn’t encounter anyone, social distancing was maintained. The rules allow for this activity, although if everyone went out on these kinds of trips every day, it would definitely amount to a breach of the lockdown conditions. We knew we might get stopped, but the only police we saw on the road were traffic officers, and they didn’t stop us.

In the car we listened to this radio programme on the life of Gramsci, and Matthieu introduced me to his music.

Leicester seemed more busy than Oxford. There were more cars around, more people in the streets.

In the meantime, at home we’ve been watching Locke & Key in the evenings. It’s just about scary enough to keep you on your toes, and it never goes too far.