I ordered the latest Sandisk Clip device. I’m a fan of these little portable music players, there have been seven versions of the Sansa Clip line going back to 2007, and I’ve owned at least three of them that I can remember.



I’m glad Sandisk still make these, even if music players are effectively obsolete devices. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Clip Sport Go was the last model they produced.

Why buy one now? I don’t have a Spotify account, and I still tend to keep music files on my computer. I also damaged the headphone jack on my phone, so it’s now less useful for playing music on the go. Lastly, I still prefer to download stuff locally to listen to offline, rather than relying on a constant internet connection for streaming.

I got the Clip Sport Go for £35, which is equivalent to 3½ months of a Spotify Premium subscription. In that respect it’s still a good deal.