To start with here are the resolutions carried over from my previous self-criticism:

Those all seem achievable enough, and in addition, here are some other projects I have planned:

Beyond specific projects, I’ve got some bad habits which generally need correcting. Starting with the fact that I consistently fail to make good use of my leisure time. This is especially important when doing a PhD and the concept of free time fades away, because you don’t have fixed working hours, and you can never truly relax when there is always writing to be done.

Along the same lines as above, I want to be more focused with my political activities. I’ve had a tendency to accumulate positions and responsibilities, each of which is invidually rewarding and self-fulfiling, but I’ve lost the capacity to dedicate myself to any one particular effort. For a few groups my involvement has been limited to sitting on a mailing list, and attending a meeting every few months at most. I don’t believe that’s fair to my colleagues or helpful to the movement overall, so I should pick a handful of main things, and formally step down from everything else.

Here’s some other stuff I intend to do:

As for the whole situation outside, there are now several coronavirus vaccines in circulation, which means it’s now a straight race between rate of infection and rate of vaccination. Matthieu is hopeful that someone in the State is keeping a timetable of how much longer is left to go before things get better.

What do I want to do once the crisis has well and truly passed?

Lastly, on this blog I put out one post a week on average over the course of 2020. I’ll be doing well if I can keep up that rate in 2021.