I’ve changed the post archive on the blog homepage to use summary and details elements. The way it works now you click on the year, and out drops the list of posts for that year. Cool!

The combination of these two elements gives me a simple way to make a drop-down list; it needs no javascript, and no css for the moment because the default styling in Firefox looks good enough. I wasn’t even aware this element existed until last year, and until then I believed that expanded elements weren’t possible in pure HTML. It’s still the case that for anything more complicated most solutions resort to hiding and showing divs onclick or onhover.

The archives are immediately accessible without another page load. That simplifies site structure and makes it marginally faster to access old posts. On the other hand, the homepage now includes lists with over 150 items in total, and growing. At the moment that pushes the page size just over the 10Kb limit for fetching the entire page in one HTTP round trip. I would no longer be eligible for the 10Kb website club :(