It is Thursday, and here are some more pictures of doors around Leicester.

First up, this porch which juts out from the house and opens sideways onto the driveway.

door 122

Here is a grocers integrated into the houses on the street. The windows appear well fortified.

gheewala grocers

This door on the corner of Wolverton and Lambert roads has no visible handle on the outside, suggesting it is purely decorative. The real door to the property is likely on the right.

wolverton lambert door

This is a house/garage combo, with lots of flowers and plants around the driveway. The entrance is framed by a curved arch in the brickwork.

house with garage

This pair of houses on Ivy Road show differences in style between the short brick wall and the pointy railings. The door on the left is made of wavy translucent glass, paired with a white curtain (probably for privacy).

ivy road house

back of houses

I looked into this scrapyard, quite pleased with the balanced exposure on this shot.

sunny courtyard

This breeze block wall separates Wilberforce Walk from a series of warehouses and industrial units. The path crosses under the railway line, a useful little passageway I didn’t know about before.

breeze block wall

I’m aware I haven’t posted here in a long while. Non door-related content is on hold while I have no time to focus on anything else.