This week France introduced vaccine passports, making Covid vaccination effectively mandatory. You need to show your QR code to get into most buildings so these passes are now fairly important for getting through daily life.

The vaccine pass measures were rammed through the National Assembly after a lot of opposition and some badly-timed remarks from Macron. The criticism from the left paints these measures as unnecessarily punitive, reliant on coercion rather than persuasion.

Today, Matthieu finished work early and went off to get his booster jab. When he turned up at the vaccinodrome, the doctor said their computer system was down. Since the vaccination could not be registered, the doctor did not administer the booster and asked Matthieu to come back another day.

The doctor had a vaccine ready, Matthieu was there ready to be vaccinated. If not for the (broken) registration system, Matthieu would’ve walked out of there with a shot of moderna in his arm.

It’s a strange kind of failure, a scenario where proof of vaccination appears to take priority over the vaccination itself.