It is snowing in Sofia, most things are closed for the Sunday morning and the streets are empty. I went out to take some photos of doors.

This is the entrance of the Seven Saints Church.

church door

This the door of an abandoned building on Tsar Asen street which looks like it’s been patched up after people tried to break in.

door with columns

Lovely wooden carvings on the door, shame to see it in such a state.

Another door on Tsar Asen st.
This one is recessed along with steps up to get inside.

recessed door

There are a lot of apartment doors like this around, all sunken into the front facade and they all look extremely sturdy.

This red door on Solunska street caught my attention, with its curvy metal grille and outstanding canopy porch.
The building is occupied by a fashion house, appropriate for the decor.

red door

I took a selfie in a door with an exceptionally reflective window-mirror.

reflective door

Finally, another inlaid apartment entrance next to a clothes shop.

brown door