I took the train up to Scotland straight after work on Friday. It was a 6 hour journey and cost £106 for a return ticket, just about feasible for a weekend trip. The train was far less hassle than I was expecting, and as I was able to get stuff done on my laptop it didn’t feel like a waste of time.

I’ve settled into using my pinebook again after another round of distro-hopping and messing around with the firmware/bootloader. The patchy internet connection on the train helped shift me back to the defensive ‘offline first’ way of doing things.

On arrival in Glasgow I walked past a film crew shooting scenes for the next batman batgirl film. Gotham City is supposed to be based on New York, and that throws up the question of how to film a place which is fictional yet clearly inspired by a real city.

I asked a friend about it and he pointed out the gridded streets, the tenements, the gothic revival architecture; all features of the (imagined) Manhattan scenery. Neither of us have actually been to New York.

I went to Govanhill for a wander around before the main business of the day. Last time I came here was about six months ago, and back then there were a few empty lots around Eglinton Toll, building sites full of rubble and ready for construction. I was curious to see what had been built, but it has barely changed.