I haven’t set up a news reader on my pinebook, on the understanding I’m just using it temporarily while waiting (very patiently) for my new laptop to arrive. So I’ve been ‘between laptops’ for about a month, and in that time I’ve not been checking my feeds.

This is a problem not only because I enjoy catching up on blogs; my news reader plays an important role in keeping me updated on… news. I don’t know what I’m missing out on, maybe nothing useful, I just don’t like the growing feeling of being out of touch.1

I was on the lookout for an online RSS service. There is already the Old Reader and Tiny Tiny RSS, which I knew about but never signed up for. Then today I found Miniflux.

The server software is open-source, you can host your own version, or pay the developer a very reasonable $15 annually for a managed instance. The managed solution is appealing for a few reasons:

It’s also an example of a little service run by a single indie developer. I had a good experience with Purelymail, which is run on similar lines – and whenever I contacted support, Scott (the Purelymail man) was always helpful.

My preference is still to run liferea locally, but until I’m able to do that, Miniflux seems worth checking out.

  1. I also read this scary blog post describing the dead ecosystem of walled gardens.