This morning I got up at 3:30am to ride out to Watermead Park with a group of cyclists. We met outside the Town Hall, then dashed off to reach the mammoth statue before sunrise. It was a surprisingly brisk ride, with a sense of urgency as you could feel the sky rapidly getting lighter and lighter.

I had the special feeling of cycling around the city at night. When there are no cars, the road is all yours. The air was chilly, despite the scorching summer temperatures. Morning mist hung over the fields approaching the park.

We made it on time, with a few minutes to spare before the sun poked up over the Lakeside Business Park.

There was no ceremony, just a bunch of people with bicycles sitting on a hill, watching the sunrise.


Two police officers were walking around the lake. Later on they would find the body of a man who drowned there last Friday.

After a few minutes I got back on my bike and rolled slowly back home. I climbed back into bed, woke up an hour later and repeated the same routine ending up all the way back at the Town Hall again. Only the second time I was almost late for work and had to drink three coffees to keep myself awake. Probably going to crash soon and have a very long sleep.