I had a look around the old water board building on Bowling Green Street in Leicester City Centre. It seems to have been empty for a while, the windows are boarded-up.


The planning history of the building shows an application to turn it into a drinking establishment around 2010, and for part of the last decade it was in use as a Pacific-island themed bar.1 The company which ran the bar went dormant and the building was put out to let as of February this year.

The street entrance opens onto a flight of stairs leading up to the first floor.


There’s a lovely stained-glass window on the south-eastern wall.

stained glass window

The ground floor is an empty open space.

ground floor 1

ground floor 2

The front door is framed by detailed stonework and probably the most striking feauture of the building.


I never came in here when it was a bar, although I walked past it enough times. I wonder what it’ll be used for next.

  1. Leicester’s own Pacific Island Paradise!