Today was market day, and the first day I had free time to get some work done.

A the market I bought a DVD of à droite toute - a historical drama about the development of the French far-right. There isn’t much to see on French television, and there’s also a very limited catalogue on the main streaming services, all of which makes the second-hand DVD stall at the market worth browsing in detail.

edf building

In the afternoon we took Papé to Castagnede.

la belle auberge

The poster board in Castagnede still had some remnants of the recent presidential election.

castagnede board

The posters there are for Mélenchon and le Pen. I kept an eye out for these in other villages, particularly those towns covered in material from the Zemmour campaign.

As the bar in Castagnede was closed, we went on to Auterrive, to look for a restaurant which was closed. Then we went to Carresse to look for another restaurant, which was closed. Defeated and having spent too long on small roads in a hot car, we went home.


We headed back to the municipal pool, I had another few goes on the diving board. Enough diving for the rest of the year.

In the evening we watched a combination of Fast and Furious 5 and Lord of the Rings, switching between the two whenever adverts come up. I couldn’t get the DVD player working.

Another storm broke overnight, with flashes of lightning every few seconds. The lightning lasted for several minutes and Matthieu went to the window to watch.